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Brad Gosse x Pawn Man LIMITED EDITION 1 oz silver round .999 - w SIGNED COA

Brad Gosse x Pawn Man LIMITED EDITION 1 oz silver round .999 - w SIGNED COA

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Haley Bug Mint made these BRAD GOSSE x PAWN MAN 1 oz Rounds. 

Each round comes with a signed COA numbered from Brad Goss and Evan Kail a.k.a. PAWN MAN. Only 100 of these will be made. The number you receive will go by the order it was sold in. 


In the grand circus of life, where most clowns juggle their jobs, Brad Gosse strides in, juggling humor bombs and satire grenades, leaving a trail of laughter (and occasional offense) in his wake. Born at a time when disco was dying and humor was evolving, Gosse emerged from the primeval Canadian wilderness, not with a silver spoon, but a microphone in one hand and a pen in the other, determined to rewrite the rules of comedy. While other kids were dreaming of becoming astronauts or doctors, Brad was plotting to become the dark lord of humor, armed with a monotone delivery that could deadpan the sun into submission.

With over 100 humor books to his name, Brad has cornered the market on edgy, sarcastic, and outright bizarre comedy, proving that yes, you can indeed make a career out of making people uncomfortable and entertained in equal measure. Characters like Cucumber Curtis and ClipClop the Racist Horse Cop aren’t just figments of imagination; they’re Brad’s twisted children, born from a mind that views the world through a cracked lens.

When not penning his next bestseller or dropping truth bombs on social media to his legion of followers, Brad can be found cruising in his Tesla, plotting his next comedic conquest, or perhaps just looking for a decent place to get a coffee that’s as dark and bitter as his sense of humor. In a world that often takes itself too seriously, Brad Gosse is the necessary jolt of laughter, reminding us that life is absurd, and we might as well laugh at it.

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