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Wolf At The Gate By Evan Kail

Wolf At The Gate By Evan Kail

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Wolf In The Jungle

Wolf at the Gate is the sequel to Wolf in the Jungle, which chronicles NESHER UNIT, an elite covert unit of Jewish-American Nazi hunters backed by the US Army. In this second installment, it has been six months since the fateful mission in Brazil, and Nesher Unit has rebuilt and expanded under Nadir's leadership. But unbeknownst to the team, another insidious plot has silently unfolded in the shadows, and when a financial dragnet instilled by the team's new intelligence chief picks up an unusual paper trail, Nesher Unit soon discovers an unimaginable terror.

Enter Gunter Volkner, an army of one, of hundreds, chasing a secret out of this world. The fugitive Nazi scientist has made breakthroughs decades ahead of his time, and since the end of the war, he's fortified himself stronger than a king. Now he's after a fabled wartime discovery he believes can reverse the tides of the war and restore the Third Reich.

With a clock ticking moments to midnight and an insidious Nazi plot threatening global obliteration, can the team impede the mad scientist, or will Gunter unleash an apocalypse?

Find out with this action-packed Nesher Unit adventure,
Wolf at the Gate.

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